Monday, February 14, 2011

Hey guys
here's my newest bit of fanfiction
I'll only post part 2 if someone comments!!!!!!
Ilove hearing what you have to say!!1

It's called Secrets of the past. Even Eli doesn't know what's about to hit him.

Eli’s life couldn’t get any better. He had an amazing girl, amazing parents, and amazing friends.  Still one night in particular, still gave him nightmares.


Calm down.


Why are you so mad?

I wouldn’t have been so mad if you told me about it eight months ago! You got pregnant eight months ago…. And didn’t tell me. And then you had an ABORTION without consulting me. Then you tell me EIGHT MONTHS LATER and have the AUDACITY to tell me I should be mad???

I don’t see the problem. It’s gone now. It doesn’t bother any of us. Our lives will never effect, and we can live normal lives.

I can’t live a normal life knowing that you did this. Did this….without telling me, it’s not like deciding what shirt to buy….it’s a child!

IT was not a child it was a problem. IT would only hurt is. It wasn’t human. It was sent to burden us.

It. Was. A. Living. Breathing. Human. Being….and you killed it. That’s murder! Do you realize how bad that is?

Since when do you believe is sins? When did you become so religious?

I’m not. I’m just saying that’s its ot exactly a good thing to kill someone!

They weren’t a someone yet!

I hate you. Don’t EVER TALK TO ME AGAIN.

Same here.

Eli remembered her riding away. Her baggy clothes sooped on her. She had been wearing a lot of baggy clothes those days. I guess she stopped trying. Maybe the abortion really did hit her hard. I recently told Clare about it. I am so happy she didn’t hate me for it. She just hugged me. Saying how hard it must have been…She seemed to have my same view of abortion. The past was the past, and I was over this now… I think. A part of me still wondered how Julia could do this to a child.

My child.
Time for school already. I must be late, or my mother wouldn’t be calling me by my full name.
I straggled out the door
I straggled to school.
I straggled to the Dot.
I straggled on a walk.

A walk that would change my life forever.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


FanFiction-These are meant for the end of season 11 when the class of 2012 are leaving. They all count back by ten to the final real episode.
Don’t You dare
10.Somethings not right, and it could end up hurting Angela…or Morgan. Imogen keeps bullying Morgan even though her boyfriend Eli told her to stop. Morgan is desperate to be free.
Ghost Town
9. In the aftermath of the shooting, now that Colleen is being charged, Degrassi is like a ghost town. Morgan is still learning from home, not being stabalized enough to go back yet. Angela is confused how somebody she hurt so much could save her life like that, and looks to help from her stepbrother.
What if i hadn’t?
8. Morgan returns to school without the whole school hating her. Imogen claims she took the bullet to the arm just for attention. This makes Eli extremely mad. Connor has to babysit Jack for a night, and that is NEVER fun.
Completely Fine
7. Katie tries to ignore everything strange happening to her, in order to concentrate. Drew tries to pass so he can graduate…and do what, he doesn’t have the football scholarship. Bianca tries to find a way out of her pain.
My Child
6. Bianca is holding a secret. Why does she only do blowjobs, not regular sex? Nobody has ever gone there with her. Is she hiding something just to keep her reputation? Also, Maya is having trouble developing which is worrying Jenna and KC.
Flowing River of woes
5. Morgan finds it odd her student teacher is her brothers mother, and that takes adjusting. Jenna realizes that both Maya and Timothy are having problems.
Why not with you?
4. Imogen is pressuring Eli, but he’s done it before, what’s the problem now? Is this the last straw in their relationship? Also Adam finds love. and its a straight girl. And she knows about his “issues”
The Road Not Taken
3. Something extremly embarrassing happens to Noah…in front of the entire school. Eli can’t live with a liar like Imogen…but what if something happens to her….Sadie realizes she has an STD. from who. Dave. yeah you read that right.
Return of the unknown
2. Wesley is over women. Are Morgan and Angela besties now? And can degrassi’s head basketball coach handle it? He can, but the students don’t think that. Cripples can’t play basketball, right?
The search for Juliet
1.Nearing the end of the year, Eli realizes there is only one face he wants to see, and she got over him a long time ago. Drew is looking forward to years on his parents couch. Imogen is willing to do whatever it takes to get attention.

Sunday, January 30, 2011


The whole "julia" situation
So recently there have been several concerns regarding Julia (Eli's dead ex) My first thought WHY WAS JOEY'S DEAD WIFE AND ELIS DEAD GIRLFRIEND BOTH NAMED JULIA!!! Second thought: The EXACT PICTURE of julia seen on tv is on the cover of The book "Dark Moon" not yet published. LIKE WHAT? Is julia a figment of Eli's imagination...or this thought crossed....what if that picture wasn't even of Julia at all... probably is, but was never totally addressed to in the show. Opinions? Lay em on me.
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Friday, January 14, 2011

Well, quitters are losers!!!!!!!!!

After a lot of thought I HAVE DECIDED I CANNOT LIVE WITHOUT THIS!!!!!!!!
so that means starting again... i'll survive..... oh well. recommend to all friends PLEASE thank you :)

Thursday, December 30, 2010

I'm done

Due to recent reports on how much my blog sucks, and having no way of posting besides "whoring' other websites, i have decided to call it quits. I am very young, i can't even get a job to pay money for ads... so what's the point. So many people have talked about how much my blog sucks even though this is my first, and if i'm not good tired anyway. This website will go down on January 5 for anyone who cares to know. Goodbye.

live to laugh. live to love. live to degrassi.

Kid in degrassiland

Monday, December 27, 2010

Character Death????

There have been some rumors flying around about a character death. I made a totaly guess, and came up with Anya. I also have a story for that....if only i was a degrassi many ideas... : p. Lol but if anyone actually wants to know my death plot for Anya......comment? I guess. Also vote on who YOU think is going to do. In other words the degrassi world has been slow. Stephen Stohn's twitter is mainly about pillow pets....Do you think?.... YES! ANYA'S GONNA GET EATEN BY A PILLOW PET!!!!!!!!!!!!! i knew it.

To the nobody listening,

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Thursday, December 23, 2010

SO BORED!!!!!!!!!!

The degrassi world is wicked slow right now. I AM SO BORED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I feel like my life is just a deep hole of darkness and decay. Also please comment any feedback on my story idea (below) and suggest this site to friends plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz :) it's hard putting this website on places and only have people yelling at me for spamming...... so thanks! Also, don't miss the degrassi marathon!